Upon your arrival, please have the full amount of the desired length of appointment.  Have this enclosed in some way or another such as a envelope, card, book, etc.  That way we get it out of the way and move straight into the fun part.


I do appreciate gifts on our first dates or second ones. My favorite stores I like is Victorias Secret, Express Clothing, Venus Swimwear, Under Armor, and Pac Sun, Coach Bags. If your would like to send Gift cards via online, please send them to my email at: If you prefer to meet with me you can give them to me when we meet. Other gift cards I like: Amazon, Home Depot, Google Play, Target, or Macys.


For  "first-timers",  "Newbies", OR if you don't have any references from providers you have seen before,  I  will accept your LinkedIn profile,  your driver's license, or other forms of ID for verification. Screening is a requirement for both of our safety. Refusal to provide me with any will result to NO APPOINTMENT.


Before meeting, I spend at least some time showering, shaving, and beautifying. I go to great lengths to ensure my appearance is top-notch. I expect the same from you! I don't care if you wear designer jeans or a suit or come in your favorite t-shirt. If you don't have the chance to shower before our meeting, my incall space has a shower available.  Your experience with me will go much better if your hygiene is on point.


I do not appreciate reviews posted without my consent.  Many reviews are fake, done in revenge or are generally inaccurate and I don't believe well represent providers as a whole or predict our time together. My personality and reputation shine through and represent me. Check out my twitter and read through my site to get a feel for me. I believe I have something to offer everyone and rarely do I meet a gentleman just once. Every connection is as unique as the people in them.


When contacting me please refrain from using explicit talk or mannerisms weither it is on e-mail, phone calls, texts/SMS messages. I understand you can get a bit excited to meet me, but please keep on a professional manner and save that for our one-on-one encounter. If you don't correct this behavior I will simply ignore your requests, or end the conversation immediately!


All confirmed appointments canceled with 48 hours of the scheduled time require 50% whether or not the appointment was made same day. I do realize that things do happen out of our control at times but please let me know ASAP, case by case basis.  I accept  Cash, Venmo, or Cashapp. When using Gift Cards inform me that you are paying before our appointment time. 

 Failure to comply with my policy results in BLACKLISTING!!!!